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Finding the chords in any key


When I first started I was always curious as to how people knew

what chords worked best in a particular key and how songs could

sound so great with very little work, now when you dont know

any music theory this can sound like gobbledygook so I will show

how simple it actually is when laid out in front of you and from

thsi you can start to write songs in any key and work out which

chords are best.


Lets start off in the main key of C Major


The C Major Scale is written like so :


C    D    E     F    G   A    B    

    I        II       III     IV      V     VI      VII      


The roman numerals dictate each notes positon in the scale


This the formula for the Major Scale:


T    T    S    T    T    T    S


T = Tone  S = Semitone


           C      D      E      F      G      A      B         


So the chords for the C major Scale would be :


C major  ,D minor  ,E minor  ,F major , G major  ,A minor  ,B diminished 


Now you can apply that principle to each major scale.